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Colleen Dooley is a Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Regression Therapist at MindEnergetix. Her specialist approach can empower you to connect you with all you need to heal whatever limits you or holds you back. Or if you are looking to explore your Immortal Wisdom, she can assist you to connect deeper into the spiritual realm where discover the insights and answers you are ready to receive.

A Teacher and expert in her field she provides an array of client centred services from Hypnoenergetics to to Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression. Providing a quality service that will leave you free of the trauma held within and feeling completely different to how you arrive. At the end of your session you may feel spiritually at peace, calm or empowered or a combination of all. You will definitely feel different afterward and her services will not leave you disappointed. So well known for her work people come from all over Melbourne and Australia to experience Colleen's superior services.

For all your healing and spiritual guidance needs and training call today on 0410 635 367.

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With 12 years of experience she is a guiding light in her field. With five qualifications in many fields including clinical Hypnotherapy, past life regression and life between lives she is more than qualified to guide you through your spiritual journey. Servicing the community with distinction she works closely with her clients from start to finish, guiding them through a life changing experience. In demand, people choose her because of her unique methods and blended approaches.

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Transformational Hypnotherapy

Hypnoenergetics is the blending of Hypnotherapy, Deep Energy Work and Consciousness to bring profound, long lasting change.

We are energetic beings and we carry all of our experiences with us in our energy fields. We are surrounded by our energy field and therefore surrounded by everything that has ever happened to us along with the beliefs and feelings we hold from those events Hypnotherapy is one of the few modalities that allows a client to self explore, find the resources within and be empowered in their own healing.

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Past Life Regression Therapy

People often have irrational fears, emotional blocks or even physical symptoms that can't be explained by traditional means. These issues that seem to have no basis in your present life can be carried over from a past life as the result of a traumatic event that occurred a lifetime or even several lifetimes ago.

Once you recognise and acknowledge the source of that fear, with the assistance of a trained PLR Therapist, you can let go, release the past and move forward in the present with the ability to make the changes you desire.

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Life Between lives Spiritual Regression

One of the greatest discoveries we can make is to awaken an understanding of our immortal identity. Life-Between-Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression is an extension and evolution beyond Past Life Regression. The techniques of LBL therapy allow access to our soul memories in a higher state of consciousness we call the Super-conscious mind.

These sessions transform the way we look at our life and our relationships as well as provide opportunities to understand the support we are given by spiritual beings who guide and encourage our progress across lifetimes.

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Energy Healing - From Warrandyte to Richmond

Colleen has held a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy since 2004. She also holds an Advanced Certificate in Applied Psychotherapy Practice through the Academy of Transformational Psychotherapy. She was certified in Past Life Regression with the Holistic Healing Centre New York in 2008 and is an Internationally Certified Instructor with IACT.

Colleen is a Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Therapist trained and certified through The Newton Institute, USA and is one of the Institute's Instructors having been part of the Training staff since Melbourne training in 2010.

At MindEnergetix Colleen provides the following services:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Energy Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Life between Lives
  • Hypnotherapy Training
  • Energy Healing Training
  • Quantum Hypnotherapy

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm.

How do I become a Past Life Regression Therapist?

Colleen Dooley is a Founder and the Lead Instructor for the Institute of Hypnoenergetics, teaching Certificate and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.

Contact Colleen today to learn more about becoming a Hypnotherapist and Hypnoenergetics Practitioner.

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Energy Healing Richmond, Hypnotherapy Eltham, Life Between Lives Warrandyte Energy Healing Richmond, Hypnotherapy Eltham, Life Between Lives Warrandyte Energy Healing Richmond, Hypnotherapy Eltham, Life Between Lives Warrandyte

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Past Life Regression - From Doncaster to Hurstbridge

Spiritual guidance counsellors based in North Eltham, MindEnergetix can provide you with the training required to delve deeper into the spiritual realm. With services ranging from hypnotherapy to energy healing to past life regression we can guide you every step of the way. Fully qualified in five aspects of spiritual healing you know when you come to us we are qualified professionals who can help you get in touch with your spiritual life.

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Are you interested in delving into your past lives? Or are interested in trying out hypnotherapy for relaxation and calming purposes? Well what are you waiting for, we are the people for you. Give us a call today on
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