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Whether you are seeking a personal experience in MindEnergetix – using ground breaking techniques of hypnotherapy blended with energy and consciousness, or you’re looking for a profound change in your career direction – you’ve reached the right page.

MindEnergetix is the art and science of personal transformation, freeing clients to live their true self. The blending of hypnotic trance, energetic principles and higher consciousness empowers the client to transform what was perceived to be their pain into power or peace. It utilises a client's entire being and their 4 minds to assist them release whatever holds them back, empowering them to create profound, long lasting change.

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Healing and creating through the power of the minds

At MindEnergetix Institute our intention is to create a network of well trained Clinical Hypnotherapists / MindEnergetix Practitioners who make a remarkable difference in the lives of others. Our approach is unique because we utilise the powerful modality of Hypnotherapy and blend it with energy and consciousness.

This powerful holistic modality, embracing all dimensions of human consciousness to transform lives and it brings deep fulfilment to our highly qualified practitioners.

Science and spirituality are finally coming back together, it is a significant time of awakening of humankind. Our views of the universe and our place in it are both shifting. In many ways we seem to be returning to a perspective of ancient wisdom embracing a different model of the human body that goes beyond medical and psychological science. It was encapsulated wonderfully, by Plato around 400 B.C…

“The greatest mistake in the treatment of disease is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated."

Fortunately science continually discovers or uncovers, so there is now evidence from Quantum Physics, that at the core of our being we are pure energetic consciousness. This breakthrough idea that continues to expand further and rock the scientific world fits wonderfully well with the core principles of MindEnergetix. We as Therapists access our own levels of consciousness and then assist our clients to do the same, we can empower them to change their vibration to create a life changing experience.

All our courses are both highly experiential and flexible for study in your own time. Our faculty are highly trained and successful clinical practitioners in their own businesses.

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Colleen Dooley is Founder and Lead Instructor for the MindEnergetix Institute and Co-creator of Hypnoenergetics®

Colleen holds a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy. She holds a certificate in Past Life Regression with the Holistic Healing Centre, New York. Colleen is a Life Between Lives Therapist trained and certified by The Newton Institute (TNI) and has been a Training Assistant for TNI since 2010 and an instructor since 2012.

Colleen brings her corporate background, training and experience as well as a variety of courses within the hypnotherapy industry into her clinic and her teaching. She is also an accredited instructor with the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists.

Colleen masters MindEnergetix specialising in chronic conditions, Past Life Regression and Life between Lives Spiritual Regression. She now lives and practices full time in Melbourne and draws clients from around Australia.

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How do I become a MindEnergetix Practitioner?

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Certificate of Hypnosis - Introduction to MindEnergetix

This introductory course is a pre-requisite to our Diploma, as well as a stand-alone course for those wanting to learn fundamentals of hypnosis assisting in life improvement and well-being. You will learn:

- How to induce a state of hypnotic trance and safely take someone in and out of hypnosis.

- A range pf counselling skills to effectively draw out a clients issue, gather important information and effectively debrief the session

- Hypnotic techniques, deepeners, the power of words and post hypnotic suggestions.

- How to work with adults and children to improve their life through the power of suggestion and the use of metaphor.

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy / Practitioner of MindEnergetix

This course is a wonderful and significant journey in both professional and personal transformation. Our intention is to create a network of skilled and ethical practitioners who work beyond the realm of traditional hypnotherapy. The MindEnergetix modality is state of the art in its approach, blending the powerful foundation of hypnotherapy with energy and consciousness.

Our curriculum offers a vast array of evolved traditional and new energetic approaches designed to bring deep personal insight and transformation to those who learn them and then in turn, offer them to others.

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Graduate Diploma of MindEnergetix

This course continues the professional and personal transformational journey experienced in our Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Practitioner of MindEnergetix. Our intention is to expand and build upon the unique and powerful techniques offered for powerful and permanent change. Our growing community of skilled and ethical practitioners who work beyond the realm of traditional hypnotherapy have the opportunity to continue their learning, adding more techniques to their toolkit so they can work at a deeper level with their clients.

Advanced Diploma of MindEnergetix

This course is a continuation of the remarkable professional and personal transformational journey we have built through the Diploma and Graduate Diploma. Within our intention to create a network of skilled and ethical practitioners who work beyond the realm of traditional hypnotherapy, we offer more opportunities for our graduates to grow and expand as well as to increase their toolkit of unique and expansive techniques. Here we move deeply into the spiritual and energetic realms as a beautiful and important addition to your toolkit.

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MindEnergetix Past Life Regression Therapy

This course focuses specifically on the exploration of the Immortal Wisdom as a way to offer profound insights emanating from a client’s soul lineage. As a Hypnotherapist trained in regression therapy you will learn how to intentionally regress a client back to explore their immortal memories within past lives. Using your existing skills and the introduction of additional healing mechanisms you will learn how to work with and release trauma that may present.

MindEnergetix Soul Awaking Journey Therapy

Soul Awakening Journey is the evolution beyond past life regression therapy. This is the ultimate experience for a client to connect to their deepest truth and wisdom in a way it is felt, known and embodied. The journey or returning home to the spirit world that is taken is not only profound for the client it is profound for therapist too. The intention for this work is exploration of the immortal self, a connection for your client to their deepest, most significant memories, the memory of who they truly are as a Soul.

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The secrets to free yourself from Painful Emotions

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We invite you to join our FREE Introduction to MindEnergetix as we feel it is important to give you an understanding of our Institute, our philosophies and MindEnergetix as a modality so that you can make a more informed decision about this work and whether it aligns with you.

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Energy Healing - From Warrandyte to Richmond

At MindEnergetix Colleen provides the following services:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Energy Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Life between Lives
  • Hypnotherapy Training
  • Energy Healing Training
  • Quantum Hypnotherapy

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm.

Contact Colleen today to learn more about becoming a Hypnotherapist and MindEnergetix Practitioner.

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Energy Healing Richmond, Hypnotherapy Eltham, Life Between Lives Warrandyte Energy Healing Richmond, Hypnotherapy Eltham, Life Between Lives Warrandyte Energy Healing Richmond, Hypnotherapy Eltham, Life Between Lives Warrandyte

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Past Life Regression - From Doncaster to Hurstbridge

Spiritual guidance counsellors based in North Eltham, MindEnergetix can provide you with the training required to delve deeper into the spiritual realm. With services ranging from hypnotherapy to energy healing to past life regression we can guide you every step of the way. Fully qualified in five aspects of spiritual healing you know when you come to us we are qualified professionals who can help you get in touch with your spiritual life.

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Are you interested in delving into your past lives? Or are interested in trying out hypnotherapy for relaxation and calming purposes? Well what are you waiting for, we are the people for you. Give us a call today on
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